Community Partner Dream-Aurora Schools Inclusive Playground

Aurora Schools Inclusive Playground

Aurora schools have an ever-increasing diverse student population, including more wheelchair-bound students. Currently, the playground at Leighton Elementary School is not accessible to ALL students due to the inability to maneuver wheelchairs through the mulch. Replacing the mulch surface is very costly and not within their budget. On sunny hot days, some students must forgo recess outside, due to the lack of available shaded areas.

Aurora Schools Special Education team is looking to modify the existing playground at Leighton Elementary School. Their primary goal is to purchase and install two fully inclusive play structures to include: 2 pieces of equipment, an adaptive picnic table, and an oversized shade structure.

Their dream is to give ALL students the chance to play and interact with their peers during recess. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see students that cannot access the playground equipment.

Please help support this initiative by donating any amount you can directly towards this community partner dream. The total project cost is estimated at $150,000 to begin upgrading the playgrounds for all Aurora students throughout the district. They are also seeking grants and have sponsorship opportunities available.

A donation of $5,000 or more will be recognized our sponsor board next to the new equipment. Any donation amount is appreciated!

For questions / inquiries please contact:
Alissa Deininger, OTR/L